Gusev Aleksandr

Illustrator & Designer

I’m digital artist from Batumi, Georgia. I want to share with you step-by-step drawing tutorials. Let’s draw together!

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Pattern Tutorial | 04

March 30, 2024

Want to draw mesmerizing patterns but don’t know where to start? This comprehensive guide breaks down the process into easy-to-follow steps, making pattern drawing accessible for everyone! A complete set of high quality worksheets is available to to Boosty and Patreon subscribers....

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Pattern Tutorial | 03

March 29, 2024

Want to design cool patterns for clothes, gifts, or anything else? My worksheets make it easy! Just follow the steps, use the pictures, and create patterns that are all you. Stop looking for patterns, start making your own!A complete set of high quality worksheets is available to to...

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How to Draw a Beaver

March 28, 2024

Calling all artists! Learn to draw a beaver with our easy-to-follow guide. Break it down into simple steps and watch your adorable beaver come to life. Perfect for beginners and fun for all ages! Subscribe to my Patreon and Boosty to be the first to receive drawing tutorials. MATERIALS:...

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How to Draw a Music Radio

March 3, 2024

Get ready to unleash your creativity and draw the most adorable music radio ever! This step-by-step guide will make it super easy, even for beginners. So, grab your favorite drawing tools, put on some fun music, and let’s get started! Subscribe to my Patreon and Boosty to be the...

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Pattern Tutorial | 02

January 10, 2024

Unleash your creativity with my step-by-step Pattern tutorial, where you’ll learn the art of intricate patterns and mindful drawing. Discover the therapeutic benefits of Zentangle as you create mesmerizing designs, perfect for relaxation and artistic expression. Follow along with...

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Pattern Tutorial | 01

January 1, 2024

Join us on a zentangle adventure with our simple step-by-step tutorial! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, we’ll guide you through creating beautiful patterns on paper. Experience the soothing joy of zentangle art with ease!Subscribe to my Patreon and Boosty...

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How to Draw a Brown Bear

December 10, 2023

Learn to draw a bear with this easy step-by-step tutorial! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, our simple instructions and clear illustrations will guide you through each stage. Grab your drawing supplies and let’s bring this adorable bear to life on paper....

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How to Draw a Dirty Pig

December 3, 2023

Discover the joy of drawing with our easy-to-follow pig tutorial! Perfect for all skill levels, this step-by-step guide teaches you how to create charming pigs from basic shapes, add expressions, and bring your artwork to life with coloring. Whether you’re using traditional or...

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How to Draw a Hippopotamus

November 28, 2023

Learn to draw a cute hippopotamus with this simple step-by-step tutorial designed for beginners! In this fun and easy lesson, we break down the drawing process into straightforward steps, making it accessible for everyone, even if you’re new to drawing. Follow along and discover how...

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How to Draw a Happy Crab

November 21, 2023

Dive into drawing with our easy crab tutorial! Perfect for beginners or experienced artists, our step-by-step guide helps you capture the details of crab claws and anatomy. Grab your pencils, follow along, and bring the underwater world to your sketchbook with this simple and fun...

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